Issue 12

Debugging, Transitions and Github

Released 2014 October 10th

Swift Debugging Tips

One of the most important skills every programmer needs to have is debugging! Ever since I’ve been working with Swift, I’ve been definitely off in my coding because Swift is different to debug than my usual Objective-C debugging flow.

Developing iOS8 Apps Using Swift – Part 3 – Best Practices

Part 3 of a series - this one focuses on refactoring a Swift application to match best practices and make it more performant!

Prototyping Animated Transitions In Swift

This post looks at how to you can extend these animation techniques to create your own custom transitions ... instead of relying on the handful of default animations that Apple provides.


A curated list of helpful resources to learn Swift. Tutorials, Code Samples, References and more!

SwiftCast: Game Development In Swift

Swift game development is very exciting. If it isn't already obvious with the content of our site, we love to talk about game development. Mobile gaming is a rapidly growing market, and iOS is by far the most rewarding and exciting to build games for. If you've ever wanted to learn how to build an iOS game as an indie developer, we have some resources and advice for you.

Github: Dollar.swift

Dollar is a Swift library that provides useful functional programming helper methods without extending any built in objects. It is similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore in Javascript.

Github: SwiftyJSON

SwiftyJSON makes it easy to deal with JSON data in Swift. Swift is very strict about types, it's good while explicit typing left us little chance to make mistakes. But while dealing with things that naturally implicit about types such as JSON, it's painful.