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Issue 12 - Debugging, Transitions and Github

  • November 13, 2014
  • Matthew Carriere

Issue 11 - Swift App Video, WebKit API & Extensions

  • October 10, 2014
  • Matthew Carriere


Issue 13 - WatchKit, Networking and Gems

Released 2014 November 21st

WatchKit Tutorial with Swift: Getting Started

In this WatchKit tutorial, you’ll create your first WatchKit app with Swift. Specifically, you’ll take a Bitcoin price tracking app, and make a Watch app that goes along with it.

Swift Networking Tutorial Index: Building a Swift App to Query a Custom API

The series is broken up into two major parts. In the first part, we build a custom web service in PHP which provides access to a RESTful API that serves inventory content from a hypothetical plumbing supply shop. In the second part, we use table views to create a Swift application to query our custom API and deliver the contents of the service to the end user of the application.

Secret of Swift Performance - Part 1

There were a lot of discussions about Swift performance. Is it really faster than C? How can it be faster? What are the speed numbers? etc. But as an app developer, we want to know how we can make our app faster in an easy way. What is the silver bullet we can easily use to speed up our app.

Weekly Swift Language Gems, Tips and Tricks

Swift Weekly is an exciting and new weekly magazine for Swift programming language enthusiasts.

Introduction To SceneKit – Part 1

TL;DR We’ll add SceneKit to a project and build a simple scene!

Github: MaterialKit

Material design components (inspired by Google Material Design) for iOS written in Swift

Github: UIVisualEffects

Showing how to use UIVisualEffectViews with UIBlurEffect and UIVibrancyEffect in iOS 8. The example is written in Swift.

Github: SwiftTask

Promise + progress + pause + cancel, using SwiftState (state machine).


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